Saturday, December 02, 2023

Parallel Love

Thank you Grace for teaching me the lesson on parallel love. 

As Olivia left for college and started living somewhere other than our home, a grief swept over me. This change in our family unit brought back all kinds of grief waves. Reminders of the first time we went for dinner and our table was for 4 and not 5. The first family photo of the four of us and just your picture frame. The first Christmas with only 4 stockings instead of 5. The waves hit hard as I recall these painful restructuring moments. 

Now the table is for three…and soon it will most likely be for two. This family unit is changing and although it’s changing in new and exciting ways it triggers a deep loss within this mama’s heart. 

Yet in this tug of war between past and future, I am reminded of what you taught me sweet Grace. That love defies all boundaries and space and can continue to run parallel despite the changes. You’ve taught me that no matter where I am, your love is right there with me. Even as I set a table for 4, there is always that parallel place for you. Each time we decorate the tree, it’s your ornaments that take center stage. You run parallel with me in everything I do and although our lines won’t meet again until heaven, I’m so thankful that we are still so deeply connected in this sacred parallel space. 

So as I look to the future and know these love ties between Olivia and Isaiah will twist and turn and perhaps run far, I’m thankful for the lesson you taught me sweet Grace that we will still be connected. 

I’m forever thankful for this parallel love that binds despite distance, time and space. This Christmas season reminds me of the message of hope found in a manger and that one day these parallel lines will become one. ❤️

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