Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Decade of Dance: Paradoxical Love

This bittersweet dance began on
This day of love, that has now turned into years.
A decade has come and gone
enveloped in joy, and intermingled with tears.
How can it be that we have lived
and carried on with life’s dance for a decade now?
When it seems like just yesterday I held your
small frame; fragile yet strong somehow.

And that was you my dearest baby.
Sweet and gentle yet mighty and brave.
And so the paradox of your life became my saving grace.

For if you could be both tender and strong,
I too would glean from your dance.
You taught me how to live in pain,
To take on a gentle, yet resilient stance.

I promised to sing your song,
To keep your dance alive.
But in order to do that, I had to learn
how to thrive, not merely survive.
On days that my heart was breaking,
So desperate to give into the dark,
it was your dance in me, igniting
God’s love to renew a spark.

A spark to love, a spark to hope,
A spark towards joy in desolate places.
To mirror your light, to show your strength,
to spread love to lonely and dark spaces.
For dying along with you was not an option,
And living without you had to be.
And so I devoted my life to reflect

your paradoxical dance living on through me.