Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bigger Picture

I have been giving some thought to 'the bigger picture' lately. It amazes me how often I get caught up in the here and now. Something relatively small will take up my whole view and the saying 'making a mountain out of a molehill' becomes my false reality. A mentor mom at a Mom's group once said - "whenever I am getting stressed out, it is usually because I have focused in too much and have forgotten about the bigger picture." Wise words. I often feel the same - sometimes I just need to 'zoom out' - just like on google map! When I zoom in things get blurry, and the background is no longer visible. We need the backdrop, the context of where we are at and what is around us to see the truth of our situation. When life is getting overwhelming - perhaps it is time to zoom out and see the bigger picture.

What is the bigger picture then? Well for me, it is the reality that earth, is not my permanent home-stay. This earthly home is not my eternal home, and my heart is drawn toward heaven and eternity. Partly because my sweet babe is there, but mostly because my Savior is there. As I age, I realize that there will be more and more loved ones awaiting me. There is a pull, a hunger that this world can't satisfy. The longing to be at total peace with my Jesus, where He will make all the sad and unjust things of this world untrue. A place where there will be no more hurt, tears, betrayals, or abuse. That is the bigger picture for me. When someone hurts my feelings, I remember that one day there will be no more disappointment. When I hear of the death of a loved one, I remember that one day there will only be life. When I am tired of the hurt and brokenness around me, I remember that one day only wholeness will prevail. Ah yes, that is the bigger picture. So when someone takes my parking spot, or someone's hurtful attitude comes barreling my way - I pray that God will help me zoom out of the current circumstance and focus on the bigger picture - and see things through an eternal vantage point.