Friday, November 18, 2011

Re-post - This Remembrance is GRACE...

I have recently been following on FB, an amazing family who are now walking the road of grief as they said good-bye to their sweet baby girl Anaya ( As I read their final moments, the memories of Grace swirl around me. Yet, these memories are welcomed, though painful, are beautiful and treasured. And so, I decided to re-post this poem in honor of Gracie, and a new little angel - Anaya.

I awoke to find you were the first thought on my mind
And I remembered you.
As I made tiny beds, and made sure mouths were fed
I remembered you.

As I heard little voices, playing and making noises
I remembered you.
I thought of your face, & all of God's grace
I remembered you.

And though this remembrance brings tears and pain
Each tear drop that falls, does not fall in vain
For each is filled with memories & gladness too
Reminding me that there was a 'you'

Some say time heals, and in some ways it's true
But remembrance is a gift for it links me to you
Some people say forget, move on, she's in a better place
But what they don't understand is that this remembrance is Grace.