Thursday, February 11, 2016

Time Passes Still...

Time has passed. It passes still.
It moves, it flows, against my will.
8 years?  Can it be?  It feels like a distant memory.
When I held you, cradled you, and gazed at your eyes of green.

Sweet soft skin, so pure so white.
Curly cues that swept off to the right.
So many frightened unknowing nights.
Gave way to new mornings and renewed sight.

I never knew just how much my heart would cope.
How it would writher and twist and then still hold out for hope.
You taught me sweet girl how to be gentle yet strong
That it was ok to accept the help that came along.

The hugs, the notes, the words of love and care
Brought sustenance and life like my lungs needed air.
The sorrow, the pain, and the hollow I still feel
Remind me that 8 years is not long enough to heal.

Forever I will carry you with me in precious memory
I am thankful for the pain, and in it, the boundless beauty
For time stops for no one.  No, it doesn't stop for me
Yet I can slow my thoughts and relish in a memory.

Perhaps the time you smiled at your Daddy
I still see it now, oh how it made us so happy.
Or the time you sang along with your sister,
Or turned your head to gaze at your brother.

My favourite moments though, were in the still of the night
When you would speak to me in love with all your might.
Not through words but in the love that shone in your eyes
You shared with me your heart as I sang to you lullabies.

Precious moments, memories and lessons more precious that gold.
I will forever cherish in my heart, and tightly I will hold.
For time waits for no one, I have learned with much sorrow.
And so I choose to love well today and not wait for tomorrow.